• Our interests
    are aligned with
    those of our investors.

    Our primary goal is to balance risk and return in order to create
    long-term value for our clients and shareholders.

  • Alignment with our

    Thanks to our strong economic base across three continents
    and our long-term strategy.

  • Invested in your vision

    We support the success of innovative and ambitious investors worldwide.
    We believe in taking risks, being agile, and aiming high, like you.

Shory Finance - Reliable Investment

We have built the firm on strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. Our investments are driven by the extensive expertise of our trading teams and we adopt the highest standards of risk management and both fundamental and technical analysis. We create sustainable and efficient properties in which our communities (tenants, investors and other stakeholders) are happy to work and which they are proud to be associated with. Investment in cryptocurrency and high-quality properties has allowed us to create the largest business community in the country

We are a private company, established as an alternative to large investment funds institutions, which are a part of complex, often multi-​layered, capital groups. In comparison to such entities, we can act independently with a high degree of flexibility in relation to our Customers’ needs. Our mission is to provide investors around the globe with professionally and efficiently managed investment funds, operating in United Kingdom, Europe, USA and globally and generating above-average returns on these markets.

Our portfolio includes investments in Forex, Commodities and Digital Assets. As a sovereign investor with an inventive mindset, we strategically invest worldwide in asset classes and sectors that deliver competitive advantages.

The needs of our Clients and associates constantly evolve, so we are always ready to develop. We see changes as opportunities, and without the restriction of an excessive structure we can quickly adapt and be flexible as changes arise. We realize that our Clients’ wealth is the result of their hard work and perseverance. Therefore, when designing our offer, we focus on products that protect capital and enable long-term value creation. When investing with us, clients can expect responsible advisors, safe transaction and well-proven procedures.

At Shory Finance, our investors' capital is prioritized, meaning that when distributing funds, investors get their capital and a preferred return, before any profit goes to the general partner. We don’t take an acquisition fee up front, or a disposition fee.

  • 130%

    After 1 day
  • Minimum Deposit : $10
  • Maximum Deposit : $50000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus
  • 450%

    After 3 days
  • Minimum Deposit : $300
  • Maximum Deposit : $100000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus
  • 650%

    After 5 days
  • Minimum Deposit : $500
  • Maximum Deposit : $200000
  • Principal : Included In Profit
  • 5% Referral Bonus

Innovative Investment

We support cross-border expansion, strategic and operational transformation of mature businesses, investors, and We provides early stage funding of young firms.

sustainable value

We seek to deliver attractive returns through a proven track record of profitable investments using, innovative strategies and commitment to excellence.

Solid Partnership

We build businesses and accelerate investor growth by identifying feasible and profitable opportunities, converging complex objectives to build a competitive partners.

Exceptional team

Our team’s composition shows balance and diversity, combining backgrounds in entrepreneurship, consulting, operating businesses, private equity, and corporate finance.

Make your money work for you

Based on your circumstances and goals, we have tools and information to help identify the level of risk you’re ready and willing to take.

A record of leading the way

Whether you are an individual investor or a financial professional, or you represent a corporate or institutional investor, you can benefit from our investment approach.